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The ARTIST project is a multi-national project, together with Georgia and the Philippines. The project is coordinated by Universitaet Bremen in Germany.

The focus of ARTIST is to innovate science education through classroom‐based and teacher‐driven Action Research. Action Research aims for the cyclical innovation of authentic practices through the Action Research cycle of innovation, research, reflection and further improvement of the innovation approach. Beyond the interest of concrete change and innovation, Action Research aims for the generation of knowledge and best practice strategies, serving as a pattern for innovations in the field of interest in general, but also in contributing to the continuous professional development of the acting practitioners. ARTIST considers Action Research to be one of the most promising strategies for innovating science education and creating evidence‐based classroom practices in domain‐specific educational studies.


Israeli HEIs:

* Oranim Academic College of Education

* The Academic Arab College for Education in Israel


HEIs from other Partner countries:

* Shota Rusteveli State University, Georgia

* Ilia State University, Georgia

* Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

* De la Salle University, Philippines


Programme HEIs:

* Universitaet Klagenfurt, Austria

* University of Limerick, Ireland

* Gazi Universitesi, Turkey


For more information about the project, visit its website.