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BIG ART - Bootcamps In Greece with Augmented Reality Technologies for VET Centers in Israel and Albania


BIG ART is a VET (Vocational Education and Training) bootcamp for empowering diverse Israeli and Albanian students and staff in AR and mixed reality to give them the best career chances and ensure a long-term socio-economic impact in the region.


Three VET providers (two in Israel and one in Albania) are supported in the project. Four other associated companies from the private sector and representatives of the industry will ensure the success of the project-based learning for students. One private company has the role of teaching the AR and mixed reality technology (Italy) and boosting the students’ confidence with career coaching.
It is the first time that Israeli VET colleges can participate in Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the Field of VET (ERASMUS-EDU-2023-CBVET). The ORT Braude school, which is one of the five partners and colleges of ORT Israel will be the pioneer for Israel joining forces with TCBS VET provider. ORT and TCBS will help reaching out to other organizations for participation in the project.
This project will create high-quality vocational training for students and will connect students with employers through project-based learning. The BIG ART project is designed to give educational support to VET students in the targeted regions. Participants in the project will be from varied backgrounds, with an emphasis on vulnerable groups and students from peripheral areas. The project enhances cooperation with potential employers and ensures that participants may become productive members of their community. It will increase employment perspectives in the IT sector.
The project will target the periphery in Israel (North and South of Israel) and Albania (Lëzhe region) where it is harder to find jobs for the graduates, especially for minorities. BIG ART can be a game-changer for the many graduates who have low motivation and are afraid of working outside the area and for female students who are afraid of switching careers.
The BIG ART bootcamp course curriculum will be available for any other VET provider.

The Partners:

Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports, Greece - Coordinator

Mediterranea Web Application SRL, Italy

Ministria Financave dhe Ekonomisë, Albania

ORT Israel, Israel