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Create an international campus

Your campus is like the living room you want your guests to feel comfortable and at home in. Your preparations to accept international students as incoming students requires besides offering courses and programs taught in English, taking into account several practical issues. Let us guide you through the most important ones. You can print this also as "Checklist" here!

I. Academic preparation:
"Understanding the academic background and performance of your incoming students"
i. Evaluating credits and degrees from different countries. It is important to understand and know the different education and higher education systems:

ii. Defining the requirements for admission of international students (GRE, TOEFL, interview etc.)

iii. Israeli Credits vs. ECTS – how to convert between systems?
Read more on ECTS here
iv. Evaluation system of student's performance (verbal/ written) – different students (from different countries may be used to different ways of study which may affect their success.
v. Study with / without local students (combined classrooms?)

vi. Timetable of academic year (for short term mobility)


II. Student integration:
"The student's wellbeing is what will make their stay in your institution an experience they will recommend to their friends and home institution"
What you should consider:
i. How to raise awareness among your staff (administrative and academic) to the different cultures the students are coming from?
ii. How to build available services & info in English at every stop the student will have to pass: (from the first application to a program, admission& rejection letters, registration for courses etc.)?
iii. How will you provide available services to help incoming students get to know the campus and the city?
iv. Information about the learning atmosphere, new culture and local "norms" (for example – working days, holidays). Understand that all information that is available today in Hebrew and over the news has to be translated and delivered to the students.
v. Safety: Provide information related to personal safety and national safety. What is happening and how to act/ respond with to this event.
Support – provide information for emotional and personal well-being as well as physical well-being.


III. Practical questions you will have to answer:
vi. Accommodation and Finance:
How will you provide assistance with finding accommodation and providing a lease in English? How will your institution handle financial questions? It is important to provide the student with information about tuition, cost of living and any available scholarships and loans as well as allow payment in various currencies.
vii. Health Issues:
Choosing the best providers: when using local providers check for availability of services in English. Define the minimal coverage that you require from students and provide information on the health system in Israel
viii. Visa Issues
Understand the local law regarding visa for international students and provide full visa guidance and help for incoming students.