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Erasmus+ Online Course

Welcome to the Erasmus+ Online Course, designed to provide newcomers with a comprehensive overview of the Erasmus+ Programme. This course will guide you through the essential aspects of Erasmus+, beginning with the fundamental question: "What is Erasmus+?". We will explore the diverse opportunities and benefits the programme offers, including mobility projects, cooperation initiatives, capacity-building efforts and European integration studies. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to fully engage with and benefit from the Erasmus+ Programme.




Course Outline:


Chapter 1: What is Erasmus+

Understand the origins, goals, and structure of Erasmus+ and explore the countries involved.

Chapter 2: Key Action 1

Learn about different mobility opportunities, eligibility criteria and compare key actions.

Chapter 3: Key Action 2

Discover cooperation projects, capacity-building initiatives and partnership opportunities.

Chapter 4: Erasmus Mundus Actions

Explore Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees and design measures for high-quality programs.

Chapter 5: Jean Monnet

Gain insights into the Jean Monnet Activities promoting European integration studies.

Chapter 6: How to Participate

Get step-by-step guidance on registering, finding partners, writing proposals and managing grants.

Chapter 7: Becoming Your Own Expert

Engage in discussions and activities to solidify your understanding of Erasmus+.

Chapter 8: The End

Final thoughts and next steps to fully prepare you for participating in Erasmus+.

Enroll now to discover the full potential of Erasmus+ and enhance your academic and professional journey!