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English as a Foreign Language

From EAP to EPIC:

Implementing the CEFR in English in Higher Education

As part of the HERE (Higher Education Reform Experts) activities, a  TAM special training day will take place on implementing the CEFR in English in Higher Education in Israel.
The seminar, for all English (EFL/EAP) teachers in Higher Education, will take place Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.
The day was led by Prof. Marjolijn H. Verspoor from the University of Groningen Chair of the English Department and teaches courses in Applied Linguistics and English Language and Culture. Prof. Verspoor was also a member of the CHE international QA committee on English as a foreign language in Israel. The seminar will include a special session on Intercultural Communication presented by Jos Beleen, Professor of Global Learning from Hague University of Applied Sciences - an expert on internationalisation at home. In addition, Representative from the CHE Quality  Assurance Division will present updates on relevant issues.
About Prof. Verspoor - Click Here
About Prof. Beleen - Click Here
Presentation of Daniella Sandler, QA div. at CHE - Click Here
Presenttion of Elana Spector-Cohen Chairperson, H-INET - Click Here
Presetation of Prof. Verspoor - Click Here 
Presentation of Prof. Beleen - Click Here
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AIM (method with gestures) for beginners. Especially helpful for younger children.


Agenda- HERE
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