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Learning and teaching: innovation, digitalization, and international collaboration

Learning and teaching: innovation, digitalisation, and international collaboration

HEREs Study Visit, Université Catholique de Louvain

June 15-16, 2023


The HEREs' first study visit took place in UCLouvain in June 2023 and focused on digital and innovative learning and teaching.


Learning and teaching (L&T) enhancement has become an institutional priority, supported by dedicated policies and structures. Innovation, digitalization and international collaborations are often seen as key components for enhancing L&T, particularly at a time when the rapid growth of societal and technological advancements incentivize the need for new pedagogical approaches and tools, as well as for sustainable cross-system collaborations. This is topical in EHEA countries, where enhancing L&T has gained traction in the Bologna Process, but also in other EU Partner/Neighborhood countries, where pedagogical training, digital infrastructures and internationalization remain both policy and institutional challenges.

The event's location in UCLouvain, a Belgian HEI with a strong international profile, granted participants insight into institutional practice on innovation and digitalization of L&T. In addition to looking at the specific strategy for L&T innovation enhancement at Université Catholique de Louvain, the visit allowed participants to hear from professors of different disciplines and from students 


Some of the materials presented during the conference are open to the public. They offer theoretical and practical tools on a variety of topics related to Learning and Teaching strategies and are available here (English and French):