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International Credit Mobility


Before you applying


What is ICM?

3600 students and staff moved between Israeli universities in the last three years in the Erasmus+ programme.
The Mobility programme allows students and staff a unique opportunity for exchange abroad.

International Credit Mobility (ICM) supports the mobility of individuals enrolled or employed at a higher education institution (HEI), from a Programme Country to a Partner Country or vice versa.


Student mobility for studies for

Bachelor Students
Master students 
Doctoral candidates
The mobility period can last from 3 months to 12 months.


Student mobility for traineeships for
Bachelor Students
Master students 
Doctoral candidates
The mobility period can last from 2 to 12 months.
Staff mobility for teaching for academic staff and for invited staff from non-academic organisations to teach at a partner higher education institution (HEI) abroad. 
The mobility period can last from 5 days to 2 months.


 Staff mobility for training g for teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad.
The mobility period can last from 5 days to 2 months.
Applying for funding
Budget Allocation

Israel considered as part of the South Mediterranean region, which includes Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia. From 2015 to 2018 Israel received 25 percent of the regional budget.


The Grant

The Grant consists of monthly or daily scholarship, travel allowance and organisational support.

Mobility to

Student monthly rate





Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

€ 900

€ 180

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

€ 850

€ 160

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

€ 800

€ 140

All Partner Countries

€ 700

€ 180


Travel Distances


Between 10 and 99 KM

€20 per participant

Between 100 and 499 KM

€ 180 per participant

Between 500 and 1999 KM

€ 275 per participant

Between 2000 and 2999 KM

€ 360 per participant

Between 3000 and 3999 KM

€ 530 per participant

Between 4000 and 7999 KM

€ 820 per participant

8000 KM or more

€ 1,500 per participant


The grant foresees an organisational support (OS) contribution of €350 per participant to cover costs directly linked to the implementation of mobility activities, such as the selection of participants, linguistic preparation, visa and insurance costs.


Application process
The Programme Country HEI will fill in the application form on behalf of its partner(s) and submit the form to its National Agency.

Application form
The Programme Country institution can only submit one application for ICM per Call for Proposals, which should contain information on all the mobility activities they intend to carry out with their partner(s) in one or more Partner Countries.
Proposals need to address the following Award Criteria:
  • Relevance of the strategy
  • Quality of the cooperation agreements
  • Quality of the activity design and implementation
  • Impact and dissemination
The selection of projects for ICM is based on an annual call for proposals issued by the European Commission and published on the Erasmus+ website in October
The application and selection process is managed by each National Agency.
 The upcoming call of proposal will be published in October 2019.

Useful Links


How to run a successful ICM programme?

Communication plays a key role in the success or failure of ICM programme.

Try to focus on:

• Finding good partners who go hand-in-hand with the HEI’s international strategy.
• Building effective communication with your current partners and maintain your network.
• Developing intercultural relationships that contribute to your institutional characteristics and study programmes.
• Following the ICM guidelines.


Useful Links

2019 Call for Proposals
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Handbook International Credit Mobility


For further information or assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.