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Knowledge Alliances


Partner Countries (like Israel) can participate if they bring an essential added value to the project.




Knowledge Alliances aim at strengthening Europe's innovation capacity and at fostering innovation in higher education, business and the broader socio-economic environment. They intend to achieve one or more of the following aims:


  • develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning;
  • stimulate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills of higher education teaching staff and enterprise staff;
  • facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge.

In addition, in line with the annual Work Programme adopted by the Commission, priority will be given to projects that contribute to the modernisation of Europe's Higher Education Systems, namely to increase attainment levels; improve the quality and relevance of higher education; strengthen quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation; make the knowledge triangle work; improve governance and funding.


Submission guideline:

Knowledge Alliances are transnational and involve minimum six independent organisations from at least three Programme Countries, out of which at least two higher education institutions and at least two enterprises.

Duration of activities:

2 or 3 years. The duration must be chosen at application stage, based on the objective of the project and on the type of activities foreseen over time.


Projects will receive a budget of between 0.5-1 million Euros.


Further details and Submission guidelines can be found in the Erasmus+ programme guide.

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