National Erasmus+ Office

The overall objective of the National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) in Israel is to improve the relevance, effectiveness and impact of the Erasmus+ programme in the country.

The following can be listed among the NEO team activities:

1. Information and Promotion Activities

The National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) provides information on Erasmus+ and promotes the programme throughout Israel. In an effort to increase awareness about Erasmus+ and opportunities for Israeli stakeholders, the NEO conducts meetings and presents in various forums about the details of the programme and the way in which Israel can get involved. Annually, the NEO organizes a National Information Day with details on the most recent calls for proposals. 

2. Assistance to Potential Applicants and Beneficiaries

The NEO advises, informs and assists potential applicants with the preparations for the submission of proposals. In addition, it organizes workshops for potential applicants and assists in the search for national or international partners.


3. Support Ongoing Projects & Field Monitoring

 The success and impact of Erasmus+ projects in Israel are extremely important to the NEO! NEO staff support ongoing projects and conduct field monitoring visits to ensure and evaluate the progress of projects during their eligibility period. 

4. Contact with Key-Stakeholders

 The NEO is eager to advance collaboration with parties that hold an interest in the programme.  NEO staff maintain open channels of communication with various stakeholders in Israel and internationally to bolster the impact of the programme in Israel (e.g. government ministries, foreign diplomatic missions in Israel, student unions). 

5. Management of the Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) Team

The NEO Israel supports the Israeli forum of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE). The forum’s main objective is to provide a pool of expertise in order to promote reforms and enhance progress in Higher Education in Israel. HEREs stay updated about EU developments in higher education by attending international seminars, exchanging best practices and participating in seminars and meetings organized by the NEO. 


For further details, please contact the National Erasmus+ Office team:


Ms. Einav Livneh


Ms. Inbar Sher
Project Manager
+ 972-2-509-4578