Capacity Building

Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) projects promote HE reforms and advances innovative teaching and learning while exchanging high quality practices and experience between Higher Education Institutions in partner and programme countries. CBHE projects are based on consortiums of institutions working together to impact HEIs and the entire HE system.


Before application:

CBHE projects are based on consortium of Higher Education Institutions from Partner and Programme countries on developing new and necessary mechanisms to advance Partner HEIs, new teaching and learning tools, new curricula  etc.

Every good application has to begin with identifying the need to be addressed by the project and the relevant partners. For affective partner search process please contact us.

CBHE projects can be National or Multi-National projects.

National projects are those that impact only on the Israeli HE system. Its consortium is design of at least 3 Israeli HEIs and 2 Programme HEIs from 2 different Programme countries.

Consortium important emphasis:

* The consortium should be geographically balanced and diverse

* If possible, include newcomer HEIs into the consortium

* If relevant, include non-academic stakeholders


Applying for funding:

Israeli HEIs can act as coordinators in CBHE projects. Once a need has been identified and 


Additional Supporting information for Applicants and running projects:


Further details and Submission guidelines can be in the 2019 Erasmus+ Programme Guide.


Click here for the national and regional priorities.


A presentation on the logic and importance of the LFM in prposal writing.


All projects will be monitored at least twice during their lifetime. For further information on the different types of monitorings and what is expected from the projects during the monitorings, click here.


The NEO team provide professional workshops on different topics to assist and support projects in achieving sound management. Presentations on Financial management and Reporting are available for download. Also available is a basic presentation on the Israeli Higher Education System.



For clarification and/ or assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.