International Credit Mobility

International credit mobility funds short term student and staff mobility between European and Partner Countries on the basis of inter-institutional agreements. 


  Benefits for Staff and Students





  What is International Credit Mobility?


       Based on bilateral agreements between institutions

       Forms are filled and submitted by the European Institution

       Managed by the National Agencies in the various Programme countries

       Forecast for 135,000 grants over 6 years

       For staff and students from all cycles and all disciplines

       Students – between 3 to 12 months

      Staff – between 5 days to 2 months must include mandatory 8 teaching hours per week


  How is the Budget constructed?



  Important to note


Mobility is based on the Erasmus Quality Framework. Partner Contry institutions do not need to hold a ECHE but must uphold its principles (including but not limited to):


       The European institution must be a HEI awarded with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHR)

       Mutual recognition of credits must be guaranteed

       Double tution is not permitted

       Both sending and receiving institutions must be able to ensure student and staff support


  Proposals need to address the following Award Criteria



Additional matterials for applying and implementing ICM:


1. Budgets allocation under the 2017 Call for Proposals for International Credit Mobility to our region.


2. Further details and Submission guidelines can be in the 2019 Erasmus+ Programme Guide


3. General presentation on Mobility can be found here.


4. A handbook for Higher Education Institutions on ICM is available here.


5. ICM Handout can be found here.


6. A practical guide on amendments


About Erasmus traineeships

1. One page information 

2. Learning Agreement


For further clarifications or assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.