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"Not only is internationalization a means rather than an end, but the ends may vary from institution to institution and the particular approach to internationalization chosen is dependent on the ends being pursued by any specific institution".  (Comprehensive Internationalization From Concept to Action, John K. Hudzik, 2011)


On institutional, national and regional level, the relevant players have been driven by different motives when developing a strategy regarding the issue of internationalizing HE. Some have been motivated by the ideological concept that higher education is inherently global, some by a desire to raise the standard of the educational system (especially for the benefit of the students of the home country), some by economic interests (increasing and diversifying the sources of revenue of the educational system – both by paying students and by donors), and some by political and diplomatic interests (which too, of course, have economic implications).


International strategy is not "one size fits all" but rather is customized to the goals and desires and capabilities of each institution. This is why understanding the different motives of your institution for pursuing internationalization is a crucial first step to developing the most suitable strategy that can actually be implemented and achieved.  


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