NanoEL is a multi-national project, with Malaysia, China and India, coordinated by Technical University of Sofia in Bulgaria.

The project aims at transferring knowledge between EU higher education institutions and institutions in China, Malaysia, India and Israel, and between the partner countries’ (PCs) institutions to adapt, innovate and modernise existing curricula in Nanoelectronics in the four Partner Countries.

Three EU and eight PC universities share infrastructure, technological and human resources to develop certified e-learning modules for at least 22 courses, developed for specific learning outcomes to be used in the partners’ MSc programmes in nanoelectronics.


Israeli partner HEIs:

* Tel Aviv University

* Bar Ilan University


Asian HEIs:

* University of Malaya, Malaysia

* Utar Education Foundation LBG, Malaysia

* Graduate University of Chainese Academy of SciencesCIENCES, China

* Chongqing Technology and Business University, China

* University of Mumbai, India

* NIIT University, Neemrana (Alwar), India


Additional Programme HEIs:

* Politecnico Di Torino, Italy

* Hogskolen I Sorost Norge, Norway


For more information, visit the project's website.