ProTeach is a national project coordinated by the Seminar Hakkibutzim College of Education.

The project aims at creating and sustainably implementing the MIT (Multi-Player Induction Teams) model, involving beginning and newly-qualified teachers, school principals and staff, various stakeholders and academia to promote teachers' professional fulfillment and retention in Israeli schools in the first years of their careers.

The work of the project directly effects curricula and accreditation in teacher education colleges; the schools working with them are deeply immersed in the training process, producing, together, best practices for MIT’s wide adoption.


Additional Israeli HEIs:

* Beit Berl College

* Kaye Academic College of Education

* Gordon Academic College of Education

* The College of Sakhnin for Teacher Education

* Talpiot College


Programme HEIs:

* Universitatea din Bucuresti, Romania

* The University of Exeter, UK

* Tallinn University, Estonia

* Paris-London-Universitat Salzburg, Austria


For additional information on the project, please visit its website.