Mobility for Studies

Mobility for Studies


Erasmus+ helps organise student  exchange within Erasmus+ Programme countries and from Partner countries. The programme gives students the opportunity to gain international and professional study experience abroad.  


Can I take part?

• Opportunities to study abroad are available to students at Bachelor and Master levels and Doctoral candidates

• You are registered in higher education institution

• You should be enrolled in one of the study programmes to a recognized degree qualification

• For students in the first cycle, you need to be at least in the second year of your studies.


How to apply?

Students can apply for Erasmus+ Program through the international office of their higher education institution.



Your study period abroad can last from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months.


Financial Support:

You may receive an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to your travel and subsistence costs. Grant levels may vary according to the Programme and Partner countries.


Israeli students travel to Programme countries will receive a monthly grant up to €800 to €900, depending on the country they visit. 
In addition, students are eligible for reimbursement of traveling costs up to €180 to €530.
International Students travel to Israel will receive €700 a month.
Students are eligible for reimbursement of traveling costs up to €180 to €530.
Israel provides a unique experience and offers diverse opportunities to study at one of our 58 academic institutions.
Visit  Study In Israel in order to find out the most important information regarding Israel before your exchange begins.

Where Can I study?

Israeli Institutions have students exchange agreements with Partner Institutions in over 30 countries in Europe


How do I actually participate?

You should contact the international office at your university and follow the deadlines for Erasmus+ Programme on your their website; Usually Israeli students go abroad during the Winter Semester.


Useful Links

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