Erasmus Virtual Seminars

Thank you for attending our webinars in times to corona. It was a great opportunity to learn about the implementation of virtual mobility and internationalisation of the curricula, presenting two best practices of Kibbutzim College of Education and Sapir College. 

The first webinar focused on Virtual Mobility:
Promoting the policy of Digital Learning by Malag/Vatat Shira Ephrat, Head of Innovation in Teaching, CHE
Digital Pedagogy in International Courses – Best practice from Kibbutzim College of Education
• Digital pedagoge - Background and GuidelinesDr. Rinat Arviv Elyashiv, Director of Research Authority, Kibbutzim College of Education, Dr. Anya Glikman, Coordinator of International Office, Kibbutzim College of Education, Susana Galante, Teacher Trainer & Consultant, EFL & Digital Pedagogy
Discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on international students and their engagement in online learning
The second webinar focused on: Internationalisation at Home
Rethinking Internationalization at Home in light of the COVID-19 crisisEmma Afterman, Head of International Strategy and Cooperation, CHE
Internationalisation of the Curriculum in an Israeli College: Responses, motivations, interpretations and enactment across 3 academic departmentsDr. Amit Marantz Gal, Head of Academic Internationalization, Sapir Academic College.