The Experts 2021-2024


The Higher Education Reform Experts forum in Israel for the years 2021-2024 will focus on Academia-Industry Cooperation, Greening in Higher Education and Sustainability, and Employability.


Ms. Stav Bar-Shany – Co-Founder of Kayama  Executive Center for Social Innovation and Impact Entrepreneurship, University of Haifa; Lecturer at Glocal,  Hebrew University 


Stav is a social innovation consultant with extensive experience working with Social enterprises, investors and businesses on impact and social financing strategies in Europe, Israel and Africa.

She serves as a Director at Africa Technology Business Network (ATBN) and as a Lecturer in the International Development program at the Hebrew University. She is the Co-Founder of Kayama – Executive Education Centre for Social Innovation at the University of Haifa, and through her consultancy practice led projects for organisations such as the EBRD, Exeter Velocities Accelerator,  the JDC and Comic Relief.

Stav combines research alongside her professional work, including: a UKRI funded research on addressing digital gender gaps in Africa, a EU Horizon 2020 project aimed at connecting Europe and African Innovation ecosystems, and a study on impact centers within academic institutions supported by Edmond de Rothschild Foundation. She co-created the Podcast "Global Entrepreneurship - Israeli Innovation Creating Impact in Emerging Markets".

Stav holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) in International Development from the London School of Economics (LSE); BA in History and Middle East and Africa studies from Tel Aviv University; A Graduate of University of Oxford, Said Business School (SBS), Social Finance Executive Programme.




Ms. Orlee Guttman – Director of Strategic Partnerships, The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT)  Lev Academic Center


Orlee Guttman is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center and co-founder of the LevhTech Entrepreneurship Center. JCT is an engineering, business and health sciences college geared to the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox communities. Orlee establishes partnerships with the corporate sector in the areas of health sciences/digital health, cyber security, engineering, and business. She recently established the Cyber Elite Program for outstanding graduates in partnership with the Cyber Education Center, the Israel National Cyber Directorate, and industry partners. LevTech Entrepreneurship Center

Prior to JCT, Orlee worked in senior roles at the American Friends of the Hebrew University and the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry in New York, Gondar, Ethiopia and Israel. Orlee received her Master’s in Public Health from The Hebrew University and an Executive MBA from the Sy Syms School of Business of Yeshiva University. She is a former CPR and First Aid instructor and EMT in Montreal, New York and Jerusalem.


Prof. Vered Holzmann – Director of Research, Development & Innovation, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo

Prof. Holzmann is a faculty member at the School of Management and Economics at The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo where she also serves as the Director of Research, Development and Innovation. Vered received her doctorate from the School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.
Vered participated in several European projects and coordinated Tempus and Erasmus+ projects. She is the coordinator of the Erasmus+ project IFI 
(Innovative Finance in Academic and Field) and recently received a grant from the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation for research on Impact – Economic Models for Israeli Public Higher Education Institutions.
Vered is a project manager (PMP, SCM) with experience in the IT industry, engineering and construction on one hand, and in the political, marketing and higher education environments on the other hand. She held various managerial positions in several startup enterprises and currently serves as a member of the PMI (Project Management Institute) Academic Insight Team.



Mr. Ahmad Marhj – Manager of the Arab Student Program, The National Union of Israeli Students


Ahmad works at the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) as the state-wide manager of the Arab Student Program. He has worked with local municipalities in Israel with a focus on youth, from at-risk teens to young leadership. This work has spanned managing volunteers, strategy, training and pedagogical content creation.
Ahmad holds a multi-disciplinary Bachelor’s degree from the Tel Hai Academic College and is finaliszing his Master’s degree from Haifa university in public administration and policy.

Prof. Marcelo Sternberg – Head of the Plant Ecology Lab. Full Professor at the School of Plant Sciences & Food Security, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Sternberg is an experimental ecologist interested on the effects of global climate change on natural and agricultural ecosystems. Within this topic, he addresses questions covering biodiversity loss, plant ecology, ecosystem functioning, natural resources management and agroecology. In particular, he is interested in the development of ecological research using experimental approaches to tackle the challenges of global climate change.

As part of his public commitment to national environmental problems, Prof. Sternberg served as Chairman of the Israel Society of Ecology & Environmental Sciences (ISEES) from 2010 to 2012. Prof. Sternberg was also awarded the RAICES (Roots) 2018 Prize by the Argentinian government, for International Cooperation in Sciences, Technology and Innovation. The RAICES prize is awarded to highly distinguished Argentinians living abroad, who have promoted scientific cooperation.

Prof. Sternberg is currently leading the Carbon Neutral Initiative at Tel Aviv University aimed to reduce the ecological footprint of the university activities.


Mr. Roei Zerahia – Senior Faculty Member, Industrial Engineering & Management School, Shenkar College of Engineering

Roei divides his time between the academic world as a senior faculty member and lecturer, and the business sector as a senior executive and entrepreneur.
Roei gained his first position as a lecturer in 2005 and is currently a senior faculty member at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, where he teaches courses in exact sciences with an emphasis on information systems and databases. He also oversees on all institutional courses that bridge the worlds of academia and business.

Over the years Roei has founded several companies, and during 2019 he was invited to give a TED talk regarding his life journey, as one of the partners at  Canndoc, which started out as a private farm for producing medical cannabis, expanded its activities in Israel and abroad and became a global company. Canndoc underwent a merger with Intercure (a public pharmaceutical company) raised tens of millions of dollars, and during Roei's tenure as the company's CEO, reached a value of over 1 billion shekels.

Prof. Yaron Ziv – Head of the School of Sustainability and Climate ChangeBen-Gurion University of the Negev

Yaron Ziv is a community and spatial ecologist who studies evolutionary and ecological drivers of biodiversity processes and patterns at different spatiotemporal scales. Ziv’s Spatial Ecology Lab explores diverse hypotheses regarding the distribution of organisms (plants, arthropods, reptiles, mammals and birds) in several heterogeneous and fragmented model ecosystems to understand how species-environment relationships affect individuals, populations and species distributions.
Ziv’s lab also involves in education and conservation issues and practices, including rare species preservation and management, ecological restoration and agroecology.  Agroecological aspects have been studied in the last 20 years with active on-the-ground involvement of regional leaders (e.g. Mayors of regional municipalities), farmers and relevant NGOs. The ecological restoration studies take place at the phosphate mines of ICL while new practices are now being applied based on the lab’s real research-oriented conclusions.
Ziv is highly involved in conservation, decision-making and education activities through serving on national and international committees on Green issues. Among others, Ziv was a member of the Managing Committee of the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel and is a member of the Man and Biosphere (MAB) Committee of the Israel National Commission for UNESCO.
At BGU, Ziv was the Chairperson of the ‘Green Campus Initiative’ for 5 years and is currently the Head of the Goldman Sonnenfeldt School of Sustainably and Climate Change.