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Project PROMENTORS, coordinated by Talpiot College of Education, aims to advance the MIT (Multiplayer Induction Teams) model which will be a new model of mentors training in Israel. The new model will combine innovative mentors training from EU that emphasis on peer group mentoring and other process that stem from groups' learning and collaborative meaning making. The project coordinated by Talpiot Academic College. 


The proposed project is built on a previous Capacity Building project – the Proteach project. The aim of Proteach was to develop the MIT model for amplifying beginning teachers’ voice during induction in order to sustain teachers’ retention. The model is based on a partnership between the academia, the school and related policy makers that meet once a month in the school to discuss pedagogical and managerial issues that arise from the beginning teachers' work. Although the role of the Mentors is evident in the MIT context, results show that they weren't involved enough with the induction process.

10 Israeli HEIs and 4 EU partners supported by the Israeli MOE (Ministry Of Education) will develop and pilot 18 mentors training MITs to structure a new mentor training course that will be accredited, and will be certificated. The novelty of our approach from the Israeli HEIs perspective is that it brings faculty staff back to school to be part, lead and accompany day-to-day processes in schools through the MIT community. This make HEIs more relevant both for supporting BTs' (Beginning Teachers) work and for facilitating teachers’ professional development. The outputs of the project will be the structured mentor training MITs model ready to be implemented in the Israeli educational system. As the project fit both the Israeli MEO and the HEIs polices its impact is evident.
Israeli Partners: 

Talpiot Academic College
The Mofet Institute
Kaye Academic College
Beit Berl College
Seminar HaKibbutzim College of Education
Sakhnin College
Levinsky College of Education

Gordon Academic College

Hemdat Hadarom College

Shaanan Academic religious teachers College


Programme Country HEIs:

University of Bucharest, Romania
University of Exeter, UK
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
Jyväskylä University, Finland