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In line with the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018, the EU supports international non-formal learning activities of young people and youth workers to foster young people’s participation in democratic life and the labour market, to develop the quality of youth work and to complement policy reforms.


The Erasmus+ programme offers the following Actions and activity formats:

Youth Exchanges, in which groups of young people from different countries work together on relevant topics while discovering new cultures, habits and lifestyles. Youth Exchanges can  last up to 21 days, minimum of 5 days.

  - European Voluntary Service, Number of participants: between 16 and 60

Applicants: youth organisations (including informal groups), public bodies, private bodies engaged in CSR in programme countries.

Venue: in a country of one of the participating organisation


European Voluntary Service (EVS) allows young people aged 17-30 to express their personal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary service for up to 12 months (min. 2 months) in another country. Young volunteers are given the opportunity to contribute to the daily work of organisations dealing with youth.

Visit this common space which offers a platform for sharing experience, good practice and tips for EVS coordinators in accredited NGOs.

Mobility of youth workers enhances the professional development of youth workers through seminars, trainings, job shadowing and other mobility opportunities. The activity can last up to 2 months.


Who is it for?

The non-formal learning activities within the context of Erasmus+ target mainly young people within the age range of 13 – 30. For the European Voluntary Service, the age range 17 – 30 applies. There is no age limit for youth workers and decision makers. Young people with fewer opportunities get specific support.

For youth organisations (including informal groups), public bodies, private bodies engaged in CSR, a.o. – any participating organisation needs to be accredited.


Venue: One of the countries of a participating organisationNumber of participants: maximum 30


Training and networking for youth workers includes professional development of youth workers, seminars, trainings, study visits, job-shadowing …

Duration: between 2 days and 2 months



Age of the participants: no limitation
Number of participants: maximum 50
For youth organisations (including informal groups), public bodies, private bodies engaged in CSR, a.o.


Venue: Activities must take place in the country of one of the participating organisations



Meeting of young people with policy Makers

 National meetings and transnational seminars, events linked to activities organised within the context of the European Youth Week, events simulating the functioning of democratic institution
Duration of the project: between 3 and 24 months



Age of the participants: 13-30
Number of participants: minimum 30
For youth organisations, public bodies at local level, European youth NGOs;
Applicant and venue: Programme country

Further details and Submission guidelines can be in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide


Further refrences: 

Joint EU Youth Report

EU Work Plan for Youth 2016-2018
Youth Monitor – A mine of information

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